Government Lies

I don’t make jokes, I just watch the government and report the facts.
Will Rogers

It is apparent that We have allowed our government to usurp our sovereign authority as they have placed themselves upon a pedestal as our ruling masters; they have furtively elevated themselves into what they envision themselves to be: our lords, our Caesars, to whom we continue to enable so they may further this lie with our consent. They are led by our self-proclaimed Pharaoh, who believes he is greater than all others and has no respect for God’s Law nor our Law, for he is Pharaoh. We the People, do not have a Republican government by the People or for the People, We have a king and his court-jesters who rule by decree with no regard whatsoever for our Constitution, which is only spoken of in a pejorative sense and it is used for no other purpose than to act as a soap-box for their philosophical babblings, which only serve to malign our Law and bore us into a state of unconsciousness with their never-ending chirping, as they obfuscate every law, every issue and every thing. We have become inveigled by their lies, whereby their fiction has become our reality. Our government has decreed we are its slaves, who will be ruled by its force and by its will; compliance is mandatory and questioning governmental authority, Pharaoh’s authority, will not be tolerated. There will be no dissention. As we all know, Pharaoh has a pen and a phone and he isn’t afraid to use them. His gang of consciousless thugs are always ready and more than willing to violently enforce his edicts and they all have a propensity for violence which is unparalleled, with the exception of Satan himself.

The government’s lies are so outlandish it’s a wonder that anyone believes them, but it’s much easier to believe the wind was blowing the flag on the surface of the moon, which is in a vacuum, than to think your government just stole billions and billions of dollars from you, or to wonder why Kelly Smith, a NASA engineer states, “We’ll pass through the Van Allen belts, an area of dangerous radiation…shielding will be put to the test as the vehicle cuts through the waves of radiation…we must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space (1).” Perhaps he’s not old enough to remember how in 1969 NASA went straight through the Van Allen radiation belt without incident during their famed mission to the moon. So why the big deal 45-years later? We all know they flew an aluminum can through that thing before, so with today’s improvements in technology and the vast amount of experience we have gained in the last half-century, this should not be an issue at all. Yet after appropriating and spending I don’t know how many trillions of taxpayer dollars on this ‘space program’, radiation is now a concern to scientists and engineers. How about properly shield the spacecraft from radiation like they did before in 1969? It seemed to work out well back then, at least that’s how the story goes, but a story is all it is. There is nobody on earth who can or will prove we went to the moon.

It’s very easy to find YouTube videos of the ‘astronauts’ who went to the moon when they are much older and they don’t appear to be suffering from any ill-effects of radiation. Do you remember the press conferences when they got back from the moon? These men all had the same look on their faces: it was like their wives just left them, their dogs all died and the cat pissed in their corn-flakes, which seems to be the exact opposite of what you might expect from some bad-asses who just returned from walking on the moon. In the least, you would expect them all to have some kind of chessy-cat grin tattooed on their faces as they jabber on about just having been the first men to walk on the moon. Let’s face facts, if you just went nearly 500,000 miles round-trip to the moon and walked on it, wouldn’t you be jacked-up a bit? Go out and ask somebody who just returned from vacation somewhere, “How was your trip?” It’s more likely than not that they will talk your ear off, and they might even break out some slides to show you, but not these guys; these fake heroes of lies, deceit and nothingness.

Look at the footage of the landing on ‘the moon’ and you will notice that underneath the supposed space craft there are absolutely no scorch marks on the surface of the moon. How can that be? The thrusters would have burned the surface of the moon and we all know it. If you don’t believe that, why don’t you volunteer to lay under one of those things and see if you get burned to a crisp. No that won’t happen, because you and the rest of the sheeple are content believing the absurd lies of the Nicolaitans. We shouldn’t forget who the people were who created the CIA and NASA, they were Nazis and Nazis don’t tell the truth.

Either way, I’m left with the feeling there is something the U.S. taxpayer’s paid for that they’re not being told. Perhaps it’s just because I don’t believe what the U.S. government says anymore, that will happen when someone continues to lie, or maybe their body language makes me think they are trying to deceive people, or maybe it’s just their stammering when they speak. The truth is, the government should have hired better actors. These prevaricators even had the audacity to refuse to swear on the Holy Bible that they went to the moon. Why would that be? Perhaps they don’t believe the Holy Bible; the unadulterated Word of God Almighty Himself, which is YESHUA Messiah, or perhaps they are just bad actors and liars who work for other bad actors and liars whose sole intent is to steal trillions if not hundreds of trillions of dollars from an unsuspecting and unthinking populace.

Another one of the government’s lies is how we live on this ball in space. Have you ever seen unequivocal proof that we live on a ball in space? One would think the government would be more than happy to prove this so many times over there would be no doubt. Yet the exact opposite is the case. If I had the money, which I don’t, I would hire some people to go out and survey an area where you can see the horizon for a massive amount of miles, the mid-west seems like a good choice for that as it is flat as a pancake. Then they could independently tell you how the horizon drops off so much every so many miles, which is what happens on a sphere. But what they would tell you is, it doesn’t. If you have some extra money, please do this and prove me wrong, but you won’t, because you can’t. The truth is simple, we only have the word of liars on this subject and as long as we listen to liars we will never know the truth. All I ask for is proof.

The Holy Bible leads us to believe the exact opposite of the government’s story. I would offer God’s angels cannot stand on the four corners of the earth if it’s a sphere. All eyes will see YESHUA’s return in His Glory, which seems a bit difficult to do on a sphere, but not on something that is flat. How can God roll the heavens up like a scroll if it’s not flat? Even though I believe God can do anything He wants to do, let’s see you roll up something the shape of an orange. How about the pillars God made that the earth stands on? Well, what do I know? I do know the government has offered nothing other than lies with regard to this issue. Look at their computer generated images or paintings they offer as proof, then go outside and look at the sky and the clouds blowing by. Have you ever noticed on the NASA films of the earth the clouds don’t move no matter how much the earth spins? How can that be? Then there are the films and images from the so-called space station and other non-existent space junk, but a satellite never crosses the path in the pictures or films and there are never any stars in the images.

Another interesting point is why can’t anyone see the junk left on the moon from these astronauts? They were not on the dark side of the moon, so you should be able to see that crap with a telescope, but no, that’s just never going to happen because it’s a lie. Everything the U.S. government says and does is a lie, just like everything their master Satan says and does is a lie.

Space may be the final frontier
But it’s made in a Hollywood basement
Cobain can you hear the spheres
Singing songs off station to station
And Alderaan’s not far away
It’s Californication
Red Hot Chili Peppers; Californication, 2000 (2)

Of course, the One World system of political idiocy, the United Nations, the Satanic Nicolaitan system of governance for the Illuminati, or whatever you wish to call them, uses a flat earth as their symbol, which is complete with its 33 sections. I would suggest their heads are as flat as the symbol on their flag, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Please ask them to allow you to sail your ship around Antarctica or just make an expedition to Antarctica and see what they say. Their answer will be an unequivocal no and they reportedly have the navies of 47 nations to enforce this stupidity. Why is that anyway? Remember, these are the same people who pollute this earth to the Nth degree. So the obvious conclusion is not because they are interested in saving a pristine continent. It is because they don’t want you to see what is down there, up there or around there…wherever it is! Government lies are all we get.

Then there is climate change or global warming, whatever these liars wish to call it today. Even the scientists themselves call BS on this one. Why? Because there is no global warming. Their own statistics show for the last 18 years there has not been global warming. As I write this, there is more ice around Antarctica than there has been in years. These people are having a hard time getting their ships with supplies down there, so they are flying them in by chopper. If the world is heating up, then why is there more ice around Antarctica than previously? I’m going to step out on a limb here and suggest somebody tell that genius who claims he invented the internet, Al Gore, what is happening. But like most troglodytes, Gore is safely tucked away in his hole with those of a like mind.

Another interesting topic is nukes. Have you ever seen people with ‘no nukes’ signs? Well, let me tell you, they are correct, there are no nukes. Certainly we have huge bombs which are capable of causing massive destruction, but that doesn’t mean they are nuclear weapons. This is just another government lie which is intended to scare the sheep into submission and coerce them to willingly and foolishly give their hard-earned money to the government for the spectre of protection. But I would have to ask, “Protection from what or from whom?” The only people we need protection from are the liars in the U.S. government and their thugs. Unfortunately, the American People have decided in their finite wisdom that we need to be good little soldiers and obey the edicts of Pharaoh, lest we won’t be safe. We all know about the evil’s of this world, so to think there are nukes and people aren’t vaporizing each other is absurd. The one thing people seem to have in common is their propensity for violence and killing, so these alleged nukes would be used. Rest assured, the government will never prove they have such a weapon, but they will insist on taking your hard-earned money that you need for stuff, for stuff that they claim to have or need. The end result is obvious, Americans have sold their families into slavery and they are too stupid to realize what they have done.

Why is it that we supposedly nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki and those places were not radioactive for at least a couple of lifetimes? If you remember, the same results were achieved in Tokyo and Osaka Japan without the so-called nukes and the same can be said for Dresden Germany. People are just too willing to get in line and believe the outlandish claims of the few whose sole wish is to control and enslave the many.

All of that having been said, how would I know if we went to the moon, or if the earth is round, or if there are nukes? All I have to go on is the word of government liars. What I do know for a fact is there is not one shred of evidence to support the government’s claims. Again, does any of this mean the earth is flat or a ball, or that I know the true answer? No it doesn’t. I have no idea what that truth is, nor do I care. What I do know is that I don’t believe anything the U.S. government says or does; they are pathological liars at best and moral reprobates in the least.

Obviously this isn’t a new problem which we face, it has been happening for decades and even longer. What was the real reason behind the Civil War? Why did we exit the gold standard? Why did we enter into WWI? Could we have prevented WWII, at least with regard to the War with Japan? Why were we at War with Nazi Germany while simultaneously supporting them? Why did we give all those Nazi war criminals a free pass to the U.S. after the War? Why have over 55 million babies been aborted in the U.S.? Well with regard to abortion, I would suggest that Satanists have been passing their children through the fire to Molech since the beginning, which we were told not to do. These are merely a few questions of which the People dare not speak. But tell me in all honesty, is Hawaii really a State or is it still a Territory? I have seen and heard many a thing which make me wonder if the paperwork that is necessary for a Territory to become a State was completed or not. How can we really know the truth of the matter when Hawaii cannot even produce a birth certificate which is authentic? And what about Washington State? Is it a State or is it a Territory? If I had the money I would have a handwriting expert look at the signature on the paperwork to see if it was forged. From what I understand, the Governor at the time was stewed to the gills and his wife signed his name on the paperwork. Perhaps we only have 48 States and 2 more Territories, but not that it matters when you have a president who thinks there are 57 States. I should also note that both Hawaii State and Washington State are for the most part military bases and platforms for the military industrial complex, not to mention havens of our so-called corporate masters. Please tell me, should I believe the U.S. government and their lies?

Another one of Pharaoh’s mindless edicts just reared its ugly head and the brain-dead of our nation are enthusiastically embracing this stupidity. Obama has decreed that the Confederate flag of the C.S.A. is a racist hate symbol and is now banned, because a few are offended as it proudly waves in the breeze. Well, I would have to say that the Stars and Bars is nothing of the sort: it is a symbol of freedom and liberty against an over-reaching central government and their murderous thugs. Yet I am sure you will notice that the Japanese flag, which is the same flag that was flown during WWII when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, but without the sunrays, is allowed to fly in New York at the Satanist controlled United Nations, which just happens to be on U.S. soil. I would suggest that the flag with the rising sun on it is a racist hate symbol and I am offended by it flying in our nation. I would guess the Chinese and many others would say the same. Do you remember the rape of Nanking?

What Obama and his unholy confederates have just done is put the U.S. on a very slippery slope. So what’s next? I have no doubt that at this moment in time there are many who are saying that the U.S. flag is also a symbol of racism, hatred and division. I know you don’t believe that, but how many Native American Indians were summarily slaughtered as a result of what happened under our flag? Genocide may be a harsh term to use, but it most definitely is not an inaccurate description of what happened in our past. Do you remember how the negroes were enslaved? Then there was the Chinese exclusion, and perhaps the Nicaraguan people feel the same way, after all, the U.S. did go down there and wipe those people out at least five times in the twentieth century for the United Fruit Company and their bananas. The same can be said of many other nations whose people live in the United States. But you can be assured of one thing, Obama the Froward will vociferously continue to promote the rainbow-colored homosexual flag of his brethren. And why wouldn’t he? Please name one thing this foreign influence has done that isn’t in the face of God?

Quite frankly, I’m not surprised by any of this. There are a number of self-serving judges in the United States who have gone out of their way to remove God from the several States, even before our Imbecile in Chief Obama was occupying Our White House. Alabama was ordered to remove the Ten Commandments from its judicial building back in 2003, but I would have expected nothing less from an administration run by a dummy like Bush. That jackass even had the nerve to say the Armenians were on the terrorist watch list after 9/11, when Armenians aren’t even muslims, they’re Christians who were slaughtered by muslims. Dixie County Florida was ordered to remove the Ten Commandments from the county courthouse in 2011 and now Oklahoma has been ordered to do the same in 2015, but like ‘the Christian’ Obama says, the United States is a muslim nation, so there is no surprise there. However, you will notice that graven images strictly prohibited by the Torah, which are idols of false gods, are promoted and worshipped by those who hate anything to do with YEHOVAH God Almighty or His only begotten Son YESHUA. Just to name a couple I would cite the Statue of Liberty which is a depiction of the goddess ISIS and the Washington Monument which is an idol of jealousy; the obelisk is a depiction of Nimrod’s penis, or maybe we could look at the same two counterfeit deities, the Queen of the Night and Mars, who debase the U.S. Capitol building. Personally I’m offended by these graven images, by my opinion doesn’t count because I’m not a supporter of either side of the aisle, not that there’s a difference between the two.

The flap over the Confederate flag and the Ten Commandments are nothing but a smoke screen for the perverted agenda of our lying government. These two examples are a testament to the hypocrisy of our elected liars in the United States. Before long the U.S. government will undoubtedly promote “marriage” between a person and a goat. And why not? The United States has become the daughter of the Whore of Babylon; she is Sodom and Gomorrah and her Jezebel spirit appears to be thriving at this time. But what all of this really is, is nothing more than a pack of lies which are being force-fed to a People who have lost their way as they have turned their backs on YESHUA. You can be assured of one thing, and that is that governments are liars and they are lying to us all.

When I was a boy, I was taught not to be a liar for a reason, nobody will listen to or trust a liar, not to mention YESHUA hates liars. I know that you think I’m crazy, but where were the WMD in Iraq? Why is Gitmo still in operation? Why are we still in Afghanistan? How can there be a threat from al Qaeda when the government said they have been defeated? Who killed Kennedy? When did the United States become a muslim nation? Since when was homosexuality considered anything other than abnormal? And so forth and so on. I could easily continue this list, but it would be an exercise in futility. Unfortunately, the American People have decided it’s either easier to be stupid, or to believe the people who are killing the nation are on your side. It truly is a sorry state of affairs for the People of the United States and a slap in the face to those who came before us. Undoubtedly, there are many who are rolling over in their graves as a result of the mindless and foolish path we have chosen to walk upon.

It’s mid May 2015 and what’s on the news? Overseas the news is, people think Obama lied about Osama bin Laden’s death. Apparently, none of what we were told by the government was the truth. Now people are saying his dead body was taken to the States for cremation, or he was captured and hung in the States. Others say bin Laden died years ago of kidney failure. So which is it anyway? People who think, know Obama and the rest of the U.S. government are liars, so why should any of us believe anything they say? They always forget to mention that bin Laden was on the payroll of the CIA for years, just as Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega and a host of others were and are. And once again, the list goes on and on.

The new Saudi king snubbed Obama a few days ago and I have no doubt Obama was sad. I’m certain he was expecting a nice photo-op of himself bowing down low to the Saudi king. Well, I guess he had to put his knee pads back in the drawer and wait for the next time. Why is it that such a vast majority of people think this individual is a liar and an incompetent? The easy answer is because Obama is a bad joke at best, just like his predecessors were and just like his replacement will be, if there is one. I have heard that Obama plans to crown himself as our Queen. There can be no doubt this is a thorn in the side of Hitlery Clinton, as she envisions herself to be the dominatrix of the United States and her husband Slick Willie as our First Lady. If that should come to pass, I’m sure Billy boy already has a brand new box of Cuban cigars waiting and at the ready.

Many Americans believe there’s no use for the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights. We already know that’s the position of the U.S. government, they have made that point abundantly clear over the last number of decades. While I agree the documents are not perfect, as I have already proved in previous chapters, they really are wonderful documents. But what does the government and their mindless pablum eating supporters want as a replacement? Sharia law. Not God’s Law; oh no, not the Torah, Heaven forbid. However, for this reason, which is the willingness of the United States to turn their backs on YESHUA Messiah, we will be and are being judged as a nation and that judgment will lead to our demise.

For many years now the United States government and a number of its misguided followers have been promoting every sort of vice imaginable: homosexuality, Islam, evolution, servitude to the state, lying, Satanism, murder, the division of Israel and I have no doubt that soon we will be seeing bestiality coming to a town near you. We are cursing ourselves and our nation by allowing those who enjoy wallowing in filth to drag us down with them. We should remember that we will either receive God’s blessing or His curses. It would appear that as a nation we have already made that decision and we have gladly chosen God’s curses. It truly is a sad day for the Republic of the United States of America.

Five of the nine empty chairs we call the Supreme Court jesters of the United States just ruled by decree that homosexual marriage is now the ‘law of the land’. I’m going to step out on another limb here and suggest they haven’t read the Torah. YEHOVAH, God Almighty Himself, unequivocally stated that a marriage is between a man and a woman who are joined and become one. If you remember in Genesis, God created Adam and then He created Eve. No man or group of liars have the right or the wisdom to usurp the Word of the Almighty. I’ve heard that the judges in Sodom made the same ruling and God rained fire and brimstone down upon them. Do we really think we are any different? While I believe it’s true that in the eyes of God, one sin is as another, but the promotion of wholesale vice rather than virtue is deserving of curses rather than blessings.

In mid September 2015, just a short two months from now, there will be a vote in the United Nations regarding the division of Israel and Jerusalem. In the past the United States has always vetoed any such nonsense, but with Captain Tripps at the helm of our sinking ship, you can bet that won’t happen again. If the United States is foolish enough to go along with such evil against our brother Judah, the division which they attempt in God’s land will seem like nothing compared to how our land will be divided and plagued with judgment. I see two choices: the first one is Americans need to get on their knees before YEHOVAH God Almighty and His only begotten Son YESHUA our Redeemer and ask to be forgiven for our sins as I and many others have, or secondly, just sit back and enjoy yourselves while you wait for the downfall.

We allow our government to stupidly continue on their path of destruction with our consent and each day we take one step closer to our ultimate fate; the destruction of what once was the Republic. The People of the United States don’t have much time left, as the clock is like a ticking time bomb which nobody is capable of disarming or even willing to disarm. The most unfortunate aspect of this phenomenon is that the solution is right before our faces, but our eyes appear to have been encrusted with scales. YESHUA ha Mashiach is the solution to all problems in this world, which includes our once great nation. We must repent and ask Him for His forgiveness while we still can. The American People must understand they are being led astray by our government and their master Satan, all the while YESHUA is knocking at the door. I would urge you to go and open that door right now while there is still time.

While I have gone out of my way in the preceding pages to laud the Declaration, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the truth is we don’t need them. All we need to do is follow the Living Torah; YESHUA is the only answer, He is the only path to the equity and the righteousness of His and our Father YEHOVAH. Man made anything is in reality nothing more than an illusion, and sadly, this leads us to the ridiculous boondoggles which men create one after another for the sole purpose of sucking every last drop of blood from the People. The purpose of government is to foster strife, disillusionment, wretchedness and oppression, and as we can clearly see, they are quite good at their work, which is the work of their master Satan. What can I say other than there is a lake of fire which awaits them all, that is, unless they repent of their sins and bow down low to YESHUA as they plead for forgiveness. But don’t hold your breath people, because that’s just not going to happen. But don’t get me wrong, even though I believe these people have made a covenant with the devil, that misguided act can easily be superseded by another covenant made with a higher power, YESHUA.

I view our government as a bad joke and my admiration for the lying, moral reprobates which inhabit our government buildings is non-existent, but I think we should still pray for them. None of us have that much time left, so I would suggest we don’t waste what little time we have.

There is a reason why the U.S. government has gone so far out of their way to ‘kill God’ in the United States. They know that a Godless and sinful nation can easily be manipulated. In some respect, this is the government’s ace in the hole. Our Satanic government has forbidden Judeo-Christian prayer in schools, they have undermined and infiltrated churches, they have vociferously promoted Islam and the laws of the muslims while they simultaneously denounce the followers of YEHOVAH and YESHUA, they spit on God’s Torah while they enact man-made laws which are nothing but abominations; they are indeed in the face of YEHOVAH. The stench of these abhorrent government lies reek so bad, that only the unconscious, or the lobotomized could or would believe them. That having been said, how many people in the United States are willingly on board with them? I’m thinking that if you turn your back on YESHUA enough times, eventually He just might turn His back on you. But I know most Americans don’t believe in YESHUA, I used to be one of them. This is nothing other than a trap set by Satan and his pathetic little minions.

And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He doth judge and make war.
Revelation 19:11

I would urge you to read the only Truth there is, the Holy Bible, from the first page of Genesis to the last page of Revelation. If you want the Truth, that is where it can and will be found. Ask YESHUA to help you, He will. But you say, “How can that be?” The answer is simple, YESHUA lives and He loves us all. You will find this out sooner or later, but the choice is yours, but don’t be late to the party, because the door just may be closed.

In a sad sort of way, it’s funny how the U.S. government usually takes the exact opposite position of YESHUA. What does that say about our government and us as a People? We might as well call ourselves Murder Inc. (no offense to the Cosa Nostra), because that’s what we do and that’s what the U.S. government is. We go to little nations and kill them for their resources, we kill our own People for their beliefs, or what they have, and we murder how many babies every day in the United States? But we think we are better than others, when the truth is, that we are nothing but an insignificant little nation of lost sheep who are being led to the slaughter by the ravenous wolves who are running our country into the ground at our behest. If that statement was a falsehood, our nation and our People would be more prosperous than ever and our government would run like a Swiss watch. But instead, our government works against us on every issue and every thing; our People are not prosperous, our policies are absurd and those we allow to govern over us are malefactors. The prisons in our nation could easily be filled to the brim with crooked politicians and dirty cops. Once again, don’t hold your breath and if you think peaceful protest will solve the problem, you are wrong. I have no problem with peaceful protest, however, I would like to think that I’m smart enough to realize you can’t stand there with a sign that says, ‘Stop Killing Others’ and have a murderer give a damn what you think.

For all these reasons, including everything I have written in the preceding chapters, I freely state without reservation, the President of the United States, the U.S. Congress and Judiciary, the U.S. State Department, as well as the government in general, have nothing but utter contempt and disdain for the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the People of the Republic of the United States of America. Our Republic has been decimated by those who wish to do the same on a global level. I neither respect them, nor do put them upon a pedestal, as they are deserving of neither. What they deserve is our contempt and our retribution.

I cannot believe we have been using our power constructively over the last half-century, or we would have been trying to form a more perfect Union, as our founding fathers envisioned, rather than foisting the U.S. government’s and the U.S. State Department’s depraved policies on the People of the United States and on other peoples around the world.

By allowing these Nabobs of obfuscation and deceit the unfettered power to destroy people and nations, We the People of the United States of America are, in fact, also guilty of violating the U.S. Constitution by allowing hypocrites and prevaricators the absolute power which they so desperately crave. We have neither advanced security in the U.S., nor abroad. We have not advanced Liberty or prosperity around the world. And we certainly have not advanced Liberty or prosperity right here in the Republic of the United States of America.

Our Constitution and our Bill of Rights are mocked and ridiculed by the very people we call our leaders. They believe in their own Nicolaitan society, because they believe they are the illuminated ones who seek their Novus Ordo Seclorum through their secret Skull and Bones and Bilderberg societies; they are the Sedes Sacrorum, the Santa Sede, the faithless unbelievers who worship stone and wooden idols; they are the warmongers whose lust for blood cannot be slaked.

Per the covenant made by those who came before us, God blessed our great nation, the Republic of the united States of America in ways which are indescribable. But if we don’t change our ways soon and get back into covenant, all will have been in vain. Empires come and go for those who won’t take heed; the Republic of united States, as we knew her is gone and the fictitious corporate entity we now have, the United States Corporation, the daughter of the Whore of Babylon, will be stripped naked and left to die in her huddled masses.

As a nation, we must repent and return to what made this great nation what it once was, a Constitutional Republic founded on the principles of the Holy Bible, which is the Word of God, YESHUA ha Mashiach. The alternative will be our ending, which is something we should neither forget, nor dismiss, just as we should not forget YESHUA Messiah’s words in Revelation 1:8, “I AM Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.”

Our government leaders have taken up the role of Cahna Baal, or Baal Priest, which is a distasteful term meaning cannibal. It’s blatantly obvious our government has been cannibalizing our nation and the nations of this world for some time now and their sole purpose is our utter enslavement. This is the end they envision, our downfall and their master’s rule. We must not allow our government to sacrifice us to their false gods or idols. Their behavior and their ways are an abomination in which we should take no part, because if we do, we will become the deceived who are enthralled within their system. But isn’t that what has already happened? I truly believe the answers to our problems can be found in the Holy Bible and in our very own U.S. Constitution.

We must listen to our Father YEHOVAH and His only begotten Son YESHUA, just as the founders of this nation did. We must return to Him as a nation, or surely we will receive the curses rather than the blessings which we will have so rightly come to deserve. It’s written in Psalm 33, “Blessed is the nation whose Elohim is YEHOVAH; and the people whom He hath chosen for His own inheritance.” Praise YESHUA!

It is imperative that we remember God created us and made us sovereign People over the land and the U.S. Constitution confirms the sovereign status of the People as the stewards of His land. Our leaders, within our government, have sought to elevate themselves to the level of Godhead, when in reality they are mere servants of the People. We must not allow the twisted whims of these people to infect us and destroy us. We are not their slaves, We are their masters.

I would like to say one more thing before I go: in no way am I suggesting that I’m not a sinner, nor am I suggesting that I have not taken part in what our government has done and is doing. It doesn’t matter how small a part it may, or may not have been. My actions are in essence the same as my people’s actions, which is a lack of action, and that simply cannot be ignored. I cannot turn the clock back and undo anything and neither can anyone else. I do think we should face this truth, if only not to repeat the same mistakes over and over again as we have in our past. We should act as our Law states and unseat those who attempt to subvert that Law. But the reality of the situation is this: the power these people have on this earth is so great I don’t believe it can be measured, as the instrument to measure such a great deception has not yet been invented by man, nor will it ever be.

The storm that is rapidly approaching our nation is going to make a super-cell seem like nothing. I would say we have probably waited too long to address the issue and execute a propper solution regarding our government’s destructive nature and abhorrent policies, but we will see. Play time is just about over people, so wake up while you still can and seek YESHUA Messiah while there is still time, He is the only Way to the Father YEHOVAH.

The dons, the bashaws, the grandees, the patricians, the sachems, the nabobs, call them by what names you please, sigh and groan and fret, and sometimes stamp and foam and curse, but all in vain. The decree has gone forth, and it cannot be recalled, that a more equal liberty than has prevailed in other parts of the earth must be established in America.
John Adams Letter to Patrick Henry, June 3, 1776

May our Elohim Bless this Great Republic, the united States of America. Praise YEHOVAH and YESHUA Messiah, and Long Live Israel!


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